OKS Chisel Paste

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Product Description

OKS Chisel paste is a High temperature paste to prevent Seizure and Wear.

Application Areas :
OKS Chisel Paste is a lubricating high temperature paste used for preventing seizure and premature wear of thread-in/plug-in tools and also wearing bushed used in pneumatic/hydraulic hammers.
OKS Chisel Paste forms an efficient lubricating and anti-seizing film on the surface and prevents these from normal or fretting corrosion.

Advantages & Benefits :
It is an ideal lubricant for threaded connections and also wearing bushes, which are exposed to
vibratory loads.
It avoids seizing threaded connections especially shoulder joints.
It is equipped with special additives and solid lubricants such as copper and graphite in an
aluminium complex base.
It has been specifically designed for those applications which are exposed to load and
It forms a lubricating layer whereby physical separation of surfaces are achieved which actively
helps prevent seizure and wear.
In Rock Breaking it avoids seizure even in extreme conditions.


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