OKS 621 – Rust remover

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OKS 621 is a fast-acting rust dissolver for industry, workshop and hobby applications. The solvent contained in OKS 621 cools down the assembled parts/screws rapidly to -40°C. This results in a slight shrinkage of the affected profile. Capillary cracks in the corrosion layer appear, allowing an easier penetration of the creeping oil.

Areas of application

  • High-performance rust remover for fast and nondestructive disassembly of extremely seized-up parts or bolts, e.g. for vehicles, agricultural or construction machinery, vessels and port facilities; also for all machinery in industry and trade

Advantages and benefits

  • Contrary to a heat treatment of seized-up bolts OKS 621 does not cause heating damages in the environment
  • No damages through overheating
  • Resin and acid-free
  • Without silicone

Technical specifications

  • Operating temperature: -10°C → +40°C


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