OKS 571 – PTFE Bonded Coating, Spray

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Areas of application

  • Dry lubrication of the most varied materials sliding on top of or rubbing against each other (such as metals, wood, ceramic, rubber, and also adhesives or paintable plastics)
  • Anti-stick coating of seals or sealing surfaces of all kinds to prevent sticking-on
  • To cure the squeaking noises of soft on hard materials
  • For water-repellent impregnation of absorbent materials
  • Separating film in cast resin applications

Advantages and benefits

  • Dry, non-soiling film
  • Highly effective due to good adhesion to prepared substrates
  • Colourless and odourless low-friction coating with non-stick properties
  • Prevents frictional corrosion
  • Dries at room temperature

Technical specifications

  • Operating temperature: -180°C → +260°C
  • Press-fit: µ = 0.07
  • Thread friction (M10/8,8): µ = 0.10


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