OKS 536 – Graphite Bonded Coating, water-based, air-drying

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Areas of application

  • Dry lubrication for applications where pastes or powders have been used up until now
  • Chain lubrication of heavily loaded chains in temperature ranges in which oil or grease lubrication is not possible
  • For example, in annealing, stoving and baking ovens for aluminium tube manufacturing, in painting systems or in baking lines

Advantages and benefits

  • Hygienically harmless as defined in German LFGB
  • Approved by Nuremberg LGA for use in food processing technology
  • NSF H2 registered
  • Economical due to low consumption
  • Optimum wear protection at high pressures and extreme temperatures
  • Can be mixed with water in ratio of up to 1:5

Technical specifications

  • Operating temperature: -35°C → +600°C
  • Press-fit: µ = 0.12, no chatter


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