OKS 530 – MoS₂ Bonded Coating, water-based, air-drying

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Areas of application

  • Dry lubrication with solid lubricants as longer-acting reserve layers in area of low sliding speeds subject to high surface pressures and pre-determined sliding paths
  • Wear protection for increased service life of sliding surfaces
  • Fully effective even after longer standstills
  • Resistant to high temperatures, no adhesion of dust and dirt

Advantages and benefits

  • Highly effective due to good adhesion to prepared substrates
  • Consistent coefficient of sliding friction under maximum loading of sliding film
  • Wear protection of sliding points that can otherwise not be lubricated is possible
  • Firmly adhering, pressure and temperature-resistant dry lubricating film

Technical specifications

  • Operating temperature: -35°C → +450°C
  • Press-fit: µ = 0.10, no chatter
  • Thread friction (M10/8,8): µ = 0.05


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