OKS 416 Low-Temperature High-Speed Grease

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Areas of application

  • For lubrication points of all kinds as slide ways, spindles, geared parts of the electronic, precision engineering and optical equipment, temporarily or permanently exposed to extreme low temperatures like in arctic climates or cold storages
  • Roller bearing lubrication of high-speed bearings, e.g. spindle bearings, miniature or precision bearings in machine-tools or textile machines, measuring equipment, electric motors of control technology and precision mechanics


Advantages and benefits

  • Dynamic light noise proofed long-term lubrication grease
  • Best use at arctic conditions and very high speed
  • High efficiency through optimal formulation
  • Multifunctional application beside the regular range of performance for greases
  • Efficient through economical application
  • No nameable change of consistency at low temperatures or high speeds and accordingly temperatures
  • Oxidation stable and resistant against cold and hot water

Additional information

Operating temperature:

-50°C → +120°C

NLGI grade:


DN factor (dm x n):

1,000,000 mm/min

Base oil viscosity (40°C):

15 mm2/s

Four-ball test rig (welding load):

2,400 N


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