OKS 403 Grease for Saline Conditions

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Areas of application

  • Lubrication of open toothing, friction and rolling bearings, threaded spindles, hinges, guides on windlasses, ship´s cranes, underwater devices, offshore components or in wet areas of the textile industry
  • Corrosion protection of moving parts subject to seawater in coastal and marine areas or constant influence of water


Advantages and benefits

  • Excellently suited as a waterproof special grease above and under water
  • Highly effective due to optimum wear and outstanding corrosion protection
  • Economical due to combined protective effect

Additional information

Operating temperature:

-25°C → +80°C

NLGI grade:


DN factor (dm x n):

350,000 mm/min

Base oil viscosity (40°C):

100 mm²/s

Four-ball test rig (welding load):

3,000 N


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