OKS 3541 High Temperature Lubricant,Synthetic

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Areas of application

  • Lubrication of chains, hinges, joints, ejector pins, clamping and drying frames or slideways at temperatures up to 250°C or under influence of water, for example conveying systems in painting, stoving, drying and cooling bed installations


Advantages and benefits

  • Outstanding oxidation properties
  • Resistant to water and steam
  • Good creep properties
  • Outstanding adhesion and lubrication effect with no tendency to drip
  • No formation of hard residues
  • Extreme wear protection through Moₓ-Active
  • Resistant to ultraviolet radiation

Additional information

Operating temperature:

-10°C → +250°C

Density (20°C):

0.91 g/ml

Viscosity (40°C):

4,000 mm²/s

Four-ball test rig (welding load):

2,200 N


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