OKS 3420/3430/3440/3450/3460/3470, OKS Synthetic Oils

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ASynthetic Gear and high temperature oil for the lubrication of

  • All kinds of bevel and spur gears
  • Plain and roller bearings
  • Chains and gear couplings
  • Worm gears with steel / bronze combination


Advantages and Benefits

Special synthetic oil resistant to aging and oxidation

  • Good viscosity-temperature behaviour
  • Excellent high temperature abilities
  • Friction reducing, high-load carrying capacity and excellent wear protection.
  • Neutral behaviour to non-ferrous metals

Additional information

Viscosity at +40°C

OKS 3420 : ISO VG 100

ASTM D 445

DIN 51562


1.05 g / cc at 20°C DIN EN ISO 3838

Flash Point



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