OKS 3200/150, 3200/220, 3200/320, 3200/460, 3200/680 Mox Active Gear Oils

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OKS Mox-Active Gear Oils series are proven extreme pressure industrial lubricants made from highly refined based stocks and modern additive technology. They are exceptionally stable over a wide range of temperatures and have high load-carrying capacity, and quickly separate from water. OKS Mox-Active Gear Oils series’ balanced formulation is able to provide maximum wear and corrosion protection while maintaining compatibility with common gearbox seal materials.
OKS Mox-Active Gear Oils series meets the requirement of U.S. Steel 224, AGMA 9005-E02 and DIN 51517 Part 3.

 OKS Mox-Active Gear Oils series are recommended for lubrication of spur, helical, bevel, and worm gear configurations subject to heavy loading or shock loading.
 Industrial gearing for conveyers, agitators, dryers,extruders, fans, mixers, presses, pulpers, pumps and
other heavy duty applications.

Advantages and benefits
 Reduces operating temperature
 Increases oil drain intervals
 Enhanced gear wear protection from micro pitting
 Reduced debris denting from generated wear
 Outstanding compatibility with a range of seal
 Excellent resistance to oil oxidation and thermal
 Increases components life

Application Tips

For optimum effect clean thoroughly the lubrication point first mechanically and then with OKS 2600/OKS 2601 Universal Cleaner. Before initial filling of gears remove corrosion protection agent. Fill gear box so that the dipping teeth receive lubricant properly. Instructions of the gear and machine manufacturer have to be observed. Oil changes to be defined according to the service conditions. For additional questions please contact our Technical Department.


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