OKS 301 Liquid MoS2 Spray

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OKS 301 for easy application on surfaces difficult to reach

  • For the lubrication of sliding surfaces in all machine components
  • Can be sprayed on evenly, without difficulty
  • Specially designed product for textile autoconer
  • Suitable for textile machines and other kinds of general as well as special purpose machines
  • Improves running in
  • Smoothens and refines surfaces
  • Reduces friction, temperature wear and noise level
  • Protects gear teeth against damage (pitting)
  • Increases tool life if added to cutting oil
  • Reduces noise level considerably in large gear boxes
  • Reduces overheating

Additional information

Viscosity at +40°C

60 cSt approx. at +40°C

ASTM D 445

DIN 51562


0.90 – 0.95 g / cc at +27°C

Flash Point



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