OKS 300 Mineral Oil Concentrate

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MoS2 Mineral Oil Concentrate Used as an additive for lubricating oils where extensive wear is expected due to severe conditions (5 % by volume should be added for normal operating applications and 10 % by volume for severe operating conditions).
Add 2% by volume for engine, compressor and hydraulic oils.
Especially suited for gear boxes and bearings which operate at high temperatures and noise levels.
As an additive to mineral-based machining fluids to increase working speeds and prolong tool life Application Tips Viscosity at +40C60 cSt approx. at +40CASTM D 445DIN 51562 Density 0.90 – 0.95 g / cc at +27C Flash Point>+200 CASTM D 92-Advantages and BenefitsOKS 300 with MO x-Active additives used in gear boxes Improves running in Smoothens and refines surfaces Reduces friction, temperature wear and noise level Protects gear teeth against damage (pitting)Increases tool life if added to cutting oil Reduces noise level considerably in large gear boxes Reduces overheating


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