OKS 1360 – Silicone Release Agent

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Areas of application

  • Release agent for foundry-, injection- and blow- moulding as well as for extrusion of plastics and elastomers
  • Against sticking of glues and sealing materials or wetting by water
  • Sliding film against noise causing rubbing of plastics, elastomers and metals with each other
  • For easy permeation of plastic and elastomer profiles, e.g. in windows and doors
  • For the lubrication of cutting edges in paper, cardboard, veneer and textile machines

Advantages and benefits

  • High efficiency by distinctive surface wetting. Separation film with antistatic properties
  • Manifold application for a long time lubrication, protection, maintenance and impregnation in a wide temperature range
  • Minimal consumption caused by formation of extremely thin films
  • Waterresistant and weatherproof

Technical specifications

  • Operating temperature: -60°C → +200°C


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