Bosch IXO III 3.6-Volt Multipurpose Screwdriver (Blue)


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  • Warranty – 6 months from the date of invoice (provide invoice copy to claim warranty)
  • The world’s smallest screwdriver – Now perfect screwdriving at every angle!
  • Perfect for driving in tight spaces and hard-to-reach areas
  • Optional angle screw and torque setting adaptor: For even more applications. Magnetic bit holder
  • Used for repairing tasks, mounting photo frame or paintings, lifestyle and gifting
  • Insert or remove screws with the forward and reverse function of the tool. You can also use the tool for drilling up to 2 mm to create pilot holes for screws.
  • Package Contents: 11 bits, 1 adaptor, 1 drill bit(2mm) lithium ion rechargeable battery-docking station base charger

Product description

Worlds Smallest Cordfless Screwdriver. With Latest Lithium -ion technology for a better battery life and working. Comes in a Tin box for convenient protection and storage. Great Power Tool for Professionals and Home-Users. Very convenient, compact and light weight.

From the Manufacturer

Need to fit a new bookshelf or assemble a new wardrobe? Do you end up calling the carpenter for everyday small repairs? This cordless screwdriver from Bosch is a tool with many uses. It could turn out to be your saviour every time you need to address minor repairs at home. The Bosch IXO III 3.6-volt multipurpose screwdriver is compactly designed, it is the smallest automatic screw gun. Shop on Amazon India for a wide range of home improvement products that you need off and on such as this multipurpose screwdriver that’ll take care your screw driving needs.

Compact Design with Pistol Grip

Are the screws loose on your child’s favourite toy? Do you want to hang a family picture in the living room? Grab this Bosch IXO III 3.6-volt multipurpose screwdriver and tighten screws or drive screws in any space. Small, handy and always ready for use, this multipurpose screwdriver from Bosch features a pistol grip that promotes better handling.

3.6 V Rechargeable Battery for Great Performance

The Bosch multipurpose screwdriver features a battery voltage of 3.6 V that helps achieve a torque of 3-4 N. With a maximum speed of 180 rotations per minute and a Li-ion battery that does not face self—discharge and is always ready for use, you are assured a hassle-free screw driving experience. It provides support for screwing, unscrewing and wood drilling activities.

What’s in the Box?

The package comes with 11 bits, one adaptor, one drill bit (2mm), lithium ion rechargeable battery, docking station base charge, this Bosch IXO III 3.6-volt multipurpose screwdriver is well-equipped for comfortable and easy-to-use for various household applications. The battery charger is an ideal space for storing the tool. This lightweight multipurpose tool that weighs 300 grams can be transported with ease.

Perfect Screw driving at Every Angle

Screwdrivers are handy for a number of household projects. They can help assemble furniture, repair accessories and provide stability and structural integrity for a number of surfaces. Using a multipurpose screwdriver saves you time and lets you tackle complex DIY projects with ease. The high-performance motor of this screwdriver together with its optimum handling capability ensure that this Bosch multipurpose screwdriver is a powerful tool. It provides powerful support for drilling and screw driving applications. Shop online for the Bosch IXO III 3.6-volt multipurpose screwdriver on and enjoy the best prices online.


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