Bosch GBH 2-23 REA Rotary Hammer Dill 23mm SDS plus


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1 SDS-plus tool holder, 2 Dust protection cap, 3 Locking sleeve, 4 Selector switch for drilling/hammer drilling, 5 Release button for drilling/hammer drilling selector switch, 6 Rotational direction switch, 7 Lock-on button for On/Off switch, 8 On/Off switch, 9 Dust box, complete (Microfilter System), 10 Release button of the dust extraction, 11 Unlocking button of the dust box, 12 Auxiliary handle (insulated gripping surface), 13 Button for adjustment of the telescopic guide, 14 Dust extraction, 15 Telescopic guide, 16 Button for depth stop adjustment, 17 Dust collector for drill bit, 18 Handle (insulated gripping surface), 19 Securing screw for key type drill chuck, 20 Key type drill chuck, 21 SDS-plus adapter shank for drill chuck, 22 Guide groove of the dust extraction, 23 Dust box flap, 24 Filter element (Microfilter System), 25 Adapter box for external dust extraction, 26 Vacuum connection, 27 Vacuum hose, 28 Depth stop, 29 Release button of the dust collector, 30 Dust collector for core bits, 31 Latching projection of the dust collector, 32 Universal bit holder with SDS-plus shank


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