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Product description

Bosch GSR 1800-LI is efficient for urgent DIY drills. This Bosch drill features ECP for a long battery life and prevents overheating, overload, and discharge. The Bosch GSR 1800-LI is a powerful and reliable tool for DIY drilling. It has a lightweight design, which makes it immensely easy to use. Equipped with a 2-speed planetary gearbox, this Bosch drill allows for optimization of the torque for screw driving and offers an excellent speed for drilling. The GSR 1800-LI Bosch drill has an auto lock that facilitates quick tool change with one hand. All the more, this Bosch driver operates at full battery power until you are done fixing the last screw.

Designed to Drill

The 25 plus 1 torque setting ring increases the torque progressively and allows precise adjustment to any size of screw. The electronic speed preselection of this Bosch drill helps in adjustment to suit any application. The forward and reverse rotation make insertion and removal of screws significantly easier. Furthermore, the 10-mm Auto-Lock keyless chuck with high clamping force helps in screwdriver bits and drill bits.

Long Service Hours

The Bosch GSR 1800-LI features minimal self-discharge, which means that once the machine is fully charged, it is ready for use, even after a long time of lying on the shelf. The Bosch Electronic Cell Protection or ECP protects the battery from overloading, overheating, and deep discharging thus increasing its longevity.


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